Jewellery Terms


Stone Cut: Transforming a rough 'rock' into a beautiful 'gemstone' 

  • The stone cutting process is dependent on the type of gemstone and the desired style of the piece of jewellery. 
  • Both Diamonds and coloured gemstones can come in many different types of cuts including trillion cut, emerald cut, marquis cut, oval brilliant, pear or baguette

 KT or CT: Karat (Gold percentage) vs CT (Weight measurement)

  • KT (9kt, 14kt etc): Refers to the percentage of solid gold combined with other alloys (such as copper, silver, zinc or palladium) to give it extra strength
  • CT: Refers to the actual weight of the piece (the weight of a gemstone  or diamond for example can be measured as 1.2 ct.

Settings: Prong (or Basket) or Bezel

  • Prong (or Basket): Popular and considered 'Traditional', prongs (we typically use 3 or 4 depending on the size of gemstone and style required) hold the stone in place but also keep the stone from sticking out. Because the stone is not completed encased (on the sides) light is able to pass through easily.
  • Bezel: Considered a more 'modern' setting, a bezel is a thin layer of metal (We use solid gold and sterling silver) tightly fit around the gemstone creating a 'cup' like appearance. 

Band/Shank Shape: Half Round

  • We finish most of our rings (unless otherwise noted on product descriptions) with a half round style band. This refers to the band having a flat 'inner' and a rounder 'outer' making it a comfortable fit.