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A reminder...

Maybe you're like me and walk through seasons with songs singing straight into your heart.

Written words (and in this case, words sung...) always help me to connect the dots. Kind reminders that there is hope on the horizon, joy to be felt and peace in the midst of it all.

So while we may be in different boats (but the same storm none the less) I wanted to share a song that I have held tightly to in this season.

Cory Ashbury, The Father's House

(And if you want to chat, please reach out. You aren't meant to do life alone)

India Calling

We LOVED our last adventure to India and can't wait to be back in a sea of colour and beauty. Once "this is all over" I'll be heading over to see our sweet little friends and go gem hunting once again. So many changes are coming to this little label (hello, Pivot!) and I'm bursting to share. Think: Jewels meet Textiles (What?)

Going Deeper

We're going back to school - well, sort of. In an effort to understand the jewellery industry at it's fullest (and to better support and serve you) we'll be enrolling in GIA certified courses with the goal to become well-versed in the field, and in turn, continue to provide you with a wonderful, authentic selection.