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What is your jewellery made out of?
The majority of our jewellery is solid .925 sterling silver and 9k solid yellow and 9k solid white gold. From time to time, we do release small capsule collections made from other materials which will always be noted on the product page. Our gemstones are natural and untreated (where possible*)

*Heated or enhanced gemstones (to the best of our knowledge) will always be marked as such on the product page.

Can I swim/shower with my jewellery on?
Because our jewellery is made from solid silver and gold, failing to remove your jewellery from time to time will not ruined it, however we suggest always taking off your jewels before swimming/showering due to the delicacy of our pieces and the use of natural elements. This will ensure that your jewellery lasts for as long as possible and your jewels will stay clean and sparkly. Some gemstones will dull if exposed to chlorine/salt water for a prolonged period of time.

Can I exercise with my jewellery on?
No, we suggest always taking your jewellery off before exercising as your sweat can damage the structural integrity of your piece. While we pride our jewellery on being strong, our pieces are still fine and delicate and may break if pulled during vigorous activities. 

Can you repair my jewellery?
Depending on the type of breakage and wear, we can offer a repair or a replacement in the case of a faulty product (as deemed by BAREFOOT AND BLONDE) Repairs and replacements outside of the warranty period may incur a fee. Repairs done on BAREFOOT AND BLONDE pieces by a third party will immediately void your warranty with us. Please note, all return shipments will not be covered by BAREFOOT AND BLONDE. Refer to RETURNS AND EXCHANGES for additional information. 

How do I clean my jewellery?
It is best to avoid harsh chemicals, which can also include specific "jewellery cleaners" as they can ruin natural gemstones. Please use a soft cloth to polish your jewellery and always store it when you are not wearing it. For specific stones and enquiries, contact our team and we can help!

Can you make this piece longer/shorter (i.e. can any adjustments be made to the designs)?
Our pieces are produced with skilled and talented artisans in several locations and as such, we offer limited ability to adjust completed pieces. We do however offer a bespoke service for 14k solid gold (and above) orders where you can sit down with our team and create the perfect piece together.

Is this an Australian label?
Yes, BAREFOOT AND BLONDE is designed by Kaitlin Gray, a Sydney-based jewellery designer original from Canada.

Do you offer wholesale?
We do! Though we are picky. If you or someone fabulous you know owns a retail environment (or studio, boutique etc.) that could be a great fit for us, please contact us to begin the conversation.