The Good News

For what seems like forever, I have loved the words that flow from Tess Guinery and in particular, this piece.

The Good News - something I was shared many moons ago and now, 'press' that I love to tell to others.

Before I was ready, the Good News already adored me (and it does with you..)

If you have not yet seen, each piece we create is inspired by and receives it name sake from something along our path. Our own, 'Good News' ring is a brilliant moonstone that dances in the light. When I came to the understanding that I was just created just as I was, on purpose and for a purpose, everything made much more sense. In the chaos, there was calm. Our 'Good News' moonstone ring reminds me of the brilliance in all of us. Seek the light and watch the colours unfold......

So to you, wherever you are reading this from, know this - you are loved and adored by the greatest news.

x, Kait


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